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About me and my work

If you’re looking for help with a temporary challenge, a long term problem, coping with a diagnosis, or finding something out about yourself, you’re in the right place.

The world’s our oyster

Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, I’m a qualified university tutor and nurse. Together, you and I will spend some time finding out what you need before going on to plan what to do next.

You can do it

People only tell themselves they can’t if they’ve learned to think that way, and this kind of thinking can be unlearned. I’ll help you to take the first steps into a future where you’re in command of yourself and your life. One of those steps is learning about yourself, who you are, why you are the way you are, what you truly want from life and how you can go about getting it.

My principles

I make four commitments to everyone I work with.

  • You’ll be met with a deep level of respect, regardless of what you tell me about yourself.

  • You’ll hear my honest and true thoughts and feelings about the things that you tell me.

  • I’ll try my utmost to understand how you think and feel about the things you tell me.

  • I’ll encourage you to be responsible for your thoughts and feelings by being as honest with me as I am with you.

Keep reading if you want to know more. If you’ve read enough, click the link to get in touch with me.


When you come for counselling, it will usually be a short-term relationship that helps you to explore a specific issue. It could be anything; an episode of anxiety that’s got you worried, a recent bereavement, a challenge you’re facing or something that’s happening in one of your important relationships.

We’ll begin by trying to get a clear understanding of what you want to work on so that we can set some goals and make plans to achieve them.

Like everyone in the world, there are limits to my expertise and abilities, so after we’ve met, if I think that I won’t be able to meet your needs, we can work together to find the right service for you.

Your counselling relationship will normally end when you’re satisfied that you can continue to explore and resolve things on your own. That might happen after a single session or it might take as long as six months, during which we’ll meet regularly.

If a period of counselling reveals more complicated matters, we might go on to work together on a long term basis through my psychotherapy or coaching service.

Counselling sessions are typically 60 minutes long and cost £50


Psychotherapy uses methods very similar to counselling but continues over a longer period, sometimes a number of years. In psychotherapy we’ll make a deep and thorough exploration of yourself and your relationships.

Psychotherapy explores what are often deeply rooted thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Sometimes these date back to your childhood and youth. If you’re looking for counselling or psychotherapy, it’s likely that something in your life is both persistent and difficult. It might be something about yourself that you want to change, a habit that you want to break, a pattern in relationships that you find uncomfortable or disruptive, adjusting to a new situation in life or simply keeping yourself ‘on track’ with your long term goals and the project of being the best version of yourself that you can be.

Psychotherapy will involve you and I getting to know each other in a deeply connected way, using the four principles of respect, authenticity, understanding and responsibility. Through encouraging you to be exactly who are when you’re talking to me, I hope that you’ll build the confidence to be who you are in all of your relationships.

Psychotherapy sessions are typically 60 minutes long and cost £50


Coaching can help you to discover your potential, live up to it and make positive changes in your life. We’ll work together to identify your strengths, needs and your opportunities for development.

Aspects of life in which people often benefit from coaching might include:

  • Adapting to life at university or college

  • Choosing your university or college

  • Being or becoming a carer

  • Adapting to changes in your workplace

  • Making a big decision like a change of career, relocating or moving house

  • Dealing with stress or anxiety at work

If you’ve never had coaching before, there’s no way of knowing what it’s like until you’ve experienced it. I offer a free, 30 minute, structured consultation in which you’ll get a taste of the coaching relationship to help you decide if it’s for you.

I’m happy to coach individuals or groups, in my workplace or yours.

My accredited training in healthcare and teaching & learning means that as your needs become clearer, if you need referral to other services, I will work with you to decide what that referral will be.

Coaching sessions are typically 90 minutes long and cost £75

Learning, Teaching & Assessment Consultancy


If your business runs on the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the people who work in it, then it’s well worth investing in the resources and opportunities they use to learn about your business and their role in it.

Whether you’re thinking of overhauling your current learning materials or designing something from scratch, I can help with the design or delivery of learning materials and assessment methods.

I’ve been involved in the design and delivery of courses for many years and I can bring that expertise to your organisation, get in touch if you want to discuss your needs and see if my skills are a match.

Consultancy fees depend on the style, nature and duration of the work we do.

Walk and talk

Being outside, especially in the beautiful British countryside, might help you to put some distance between you and the world’s distractions. Sounds, sights and scents of wildlife can be soothing in themselves as well as giving us things to reflect on.

When you get in touch, let me know if you’d like to discuss working outdoors. After we’ve had a conversation about it, we can decide if it’s the right way for us to work on what you need.

It’s possible to work together whilst taking a walk through:

  • Parts of the Peak District National Park

  • One of the many parks in Sheffield and surrounding towns

  • Yorkshire Sculpture Park

  • A town or city centre

  • You may have somewhere you’d like to suggest.

An hour of walk and talk will take up two or three hours of my time and so there is an additional charge of £20 or £40 depending on where we meet.

Making contact with me

I know that making that first phone call can be daunting.

You think you need some help with something and putting it into words, either out loud or in an email, can be a big challenge but it’s well worth going though with it.

On your first phone call to me, you’ll probably get my answering service because I’m often not able to pick up, especially if I’m with a client. If you do get my answering service, to make it easier for you to leave me a message, I only need to know four things:

  • Your name.

  • The phone number or email you’d like me to use to get in touch with you.

  • Is it okay to leave a message if you don’t answer (if you don’t tell me it’s okay I won’t leave a message).

  • If there’s a particularly good or bad time to call you back.

That’s all I need at first and we’ll talk about how I can help you and what you need help with when we meet.


Get in touch

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How I use your information:

I follow the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). If you get in touch using the forabove, your details are emailed to me and copied into a spreadsheet in G Suite.

If we agree to work together I’ll allocate a unique case-number to your details and use this to identify any paper records that we make. Your name won’t appear on those records and they’ll be kept in a locked filing cabinet in my office while we’re working together.

After we finish working together, I'll keep records for seven years, after which they’ll be securely destroyed. If we don’t agree to work together, I’ll delete your details from my address book immediately.

You can ask to see any records that I hold in relation to you and discuss them with me.

You can ask me to delete your contact details from my records at any time.